Q: How are the finalists and winners determined?
A: They are determined by the general voting process held by our expert panel of six judges, who are senior record and media executives from some of the largest companies.


Q: When and how will you announce the finalists and winners? 
A: On Awards Day (the 15th of the following month), the finalists and winners will be posted on our website. You may then share the awards page with your family, friends and fans through social media and permanently link the page to any website you choose. The awards page becomes a permanent digital certificate of your achievement, complete with your bio, music and website link - a certificate that is then circulated by The RazzMaTazz Music Entertainment to millions of viewers and industry contacts through multiple media channels. And that's just the beginning of what The Akademia is going to do for you.


Q: What can I win if I am selected?
A: Unlike contests or battle of the band programs that focus on cash & prizes, The RazzMaTazz Music Awards delivers robust marketing & sales support, potential national radio airplay, as well as performance & licensing opportunities that place winners & finalists in front of millions of fans. Winning an RazzMaTazz Music Award is a career milestone that immediately pulls you out of the crowd and sheds light on your achievements.


Q: Is this an international program?
A: Yes. We accept international submissions from all over the globe.



Ownership & Copyright

Q: Do I lose any rights to my songs by submitting?
A: No. You maintain all rights to your songs when you submit.


Q: Does my song have to be copyrighted?
A: We recommend having your material copyrighted in order to protect your work.


Q: Are cover songs okay to submit?
A: Yes, there is a Cover Song category.



Q: How can I enter?
A: Simply click here or click on the 'Submit Your Music' tab


Q: When is the deadline to submit?
A: The deadline is always the end of the month. Any submissions received after the deadline will be reviewed for the next month's award ceremony.


Q: What does it cost to enter?
A: A nominal processing fee is required for each entry form.
1 Song = € 7,99
1 Full Album = €17,99
1 EP (Extended Play less than 25 minutes) = €12,99
1 Music Video = € 8,99


Q: How can I pay the processing fee?
A: You must check out your basket .


Q: Why do I have to pay to enter?
A: The processing fee covers the cost of organizing, listening, debating, rating & communicating among judges, tallying & posting results. This nominal fee also covers all of the ongoing marketing support for finalists and winners that expose their music to millions of new fans.


Q: Can I submit more than one entry?
A: Yes


Q: Which categories should I enter?
A: With 24 Music Categories and 4 Submission Types (Song, Album, EP, Music Video)  there’s a lot to choose from.  We know it’s not always easy to categorize your work, so we’ll contact you if the judges think your submission has a better shot in a different category. Be sure to keep us posted if your contact information changes.


Q: Must all music submissions be original compositions?
A: For Song categories, we do require entries to be original compositions or a composition that is receiving its first public recording. The only exception to this rule among the Song categories is for artists or bands submitting to the Cover Song category. Album and EP category entries can include a combination of original and cover songs. Or, the songs can be all original or all cover songs.


Q: What is the Artist Spotlight?
A: Artists who submit to RazzMaTazz Music Awards may be featured on The RazzMaTazz Music Entertainment homepage, the Be Heard page, social media sites and in direct email to thousands of industry members and fans.


Q: I submitted or was asked to submit my music. Does this mean I was nominated?
A: No. Nominees are selected from the pool of submissions by our judging panel. The Winners and Finalists are announced on our website on Awards Day. You must submit your music here to be considered for an award.


Q: OK, I submitted. Will I ever hear from you?
A: Of course! You’ll be hearing from us a lot throughout the year. We’ll email you directly to keep you posted on important RazzMaTazz Music dates, news and opportunities, so please be sure to inform us when your contact information changes. And news about The RazzMaTazz Music Awards will be posted on our website, social media pages, newsletters, press releases, blog posts, etc.